We pay you, to place removable ads on your vehicle. That’s it, drive as you normally do and earn money doing it!

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Car Wrap Options

Little Sally

Back Window

Solid Sam

Back Window + 4 Doors or equivalent

Big Eddy

Half Wrap

Full Monty

Full Wrap

Commercial Van Wrap Options

Compact Van
Full-Size Van
Cube Van

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Simply fill out our online form to begin the process that will pay you to drive.



Once you have signed up, you are entered in our database. As soon as we have an advertiser interested in your vehicle and driving habits we will contact you to discuss the offer.



Turn your ignition and drive around town as you normally do in your newly branded vehicle and enjoy extra cash every month for doing so! It’s that simple.

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Get PaidTo Drive

Has anyone ever offered to pay you for something you already do? Well, we are! So, let’s get started.

ProtectYour Vehicle

Our high quality removable wraps actually help protect the surface from nicks, chips and scratches.

Enter ContestsFor Your Chance to Win

You will be able to participate in our contests through our social media pages as they are posted.

CleanYour Vehicle

That’s right, let’s keep your vehicle clean together. When you get signed onto a campaign you receive cash towards car washes.

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