Advertisers Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the advantages of advertising with Drivertise?
  • Time
  • Drivertise offers a database of qualified drivers ready to start driving your brand.
  • Drivertise takes care of all the logistics, managing the campaign and monitoring the drivers. We also send you quarterly reports and data regarding your campaign and Drivertisers.
  • Security
  • Drivertise is properly licensed and insured in case any law suites.
  • Drivertise has proper legal documents for all parties involved.
  • We provide you with insurance and peace of mind. So, if any issues do occur with a driver, vehicle, or decal we take care of the situation at NO extra cost to you.
  • Cost
  • Drivertise has formed a strategic partnership with a local decal company and as such, the decal fabrication, application and removal are available to us at a much lower cost.
  • Included in our price is up to 5 hours of graphic design with one of our designers.
2. What role does Drivertise play in my campaign?
  • Drivertise is properly licensed and insured for this form of marketing.
  • We screen all drivers and their vehicles for quality assurance.
  • We provide access to a large database of qualified Drivertisers.
  • We design the ideal campaign for you based on your requests/vision.
  • We select the best suited Drivertisers for your campaign.
  • We provide and utilize proper legal contracts for all parties involved.
  • We cover up to 5 hours of graphic design with one of our designers.
  • We manage the professional fabrication, application and removal of the decals.
  • We make sure your ads are kept presentable by giving your Drivertisers free car washes.
  • We monitor all your Drivertisers via a “How is my driving?” decal/phone system.
  • We provide insurance and peace of mind by managing any issues that may arise with drivers, vehicles or decals at NO extra cost.
  • We oversee and manage all logistics and operations during your campaign.
  • Drivertise sends you quarterly reports and data regarding your campaign so you stay connected.
3. What type of Driver Quality Assurance is there?
  • High mileage vehicle (> 15,000km annually).
  • Drivertisers must be at least 20 years old.
  • Valid Driver’s license and insurance.
  • Criminal and Driver’s record check.
  • Meet each Drivertiser face to face.
  • Monitor driving habits 24/7.
4. What type of Vehicle Quality Assurance is there?
  • Vehicle must be in good working order.
  • No external damage to vehicle.
  • Less than 15 years old (unless by exception).
  • Each vehicle inspected by Drivertise.
  • Vehicle and wrap condition is monitored every three months.
  • Each driver receives extra funds towards car washes to keep your ad clean.
5. How do you select the Drivertisers for my campaign?
  • First we consider your specific requests such as your desired vehicle types, colors, decal coverage, driver demographics, driving habits, target locations, target audience, budget and timelines.
  • Then we will search our database and find the ideal Drivertisers for your campaign.
  • Lastly we communicate our suggested Drivertisers to you, to make sure you are completely satisfied before we move forward.
6. What actions are taken if a Drivertiser exhibits reckless driving?
  • Prevention is key. We screen our Drivertisers thoroughly before they become part of your campaign to help ensure reckless driving is a non issue.
  • However, should reckless driving become a problem, Drivertise will review the case to determine the validity and severity of the offence.
  • If reckless driving is deemed an issue, Drivertise has the authority to remove the Drivertiser from your campaign. We will then expedite the process of setting up a suitable replacement Drivertiser, at no extra cost to you.
7. What happens if a Drivertiser is involved in an accident?
  • If the Drivertiser is not at fault, the length of the contract will be extended by the length of time the vehicle was off the road.
  • If the Drivertiser is deemed at fault, Drivertise has the authority to remove the Drivertiser from the campaign and will rapidly set up a suitable replacement Drivertiser at no extra cost to you.
8. How many visual impressions can be generated per day?
  • Research indicates vehicle advertising has the potential of generating over 30, 000 impressions per day (Ryan Hubbard, ARD Ventures. Investment Analysis: Measuring the Value of Vehicle Wraps A New Segment of the Outdoor Advertising Market.)
  • We are able to more accurately calculate potential visual impressions related to our drivers by using a specific equation incorporating many factors such as: city size, traffic data, wrap exposure, driving time, locations, parking areas, etc.

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