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Let your target audience drive your brand for you. Drivertise pairs your business with hand-selected Drivertisers and gets your brand in front of the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

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Why Drivertise?

Captures Attention& Directs it to Your Brand

Our minds are wired to hone in on anything that is different, flashy and moving. Sound like a Drivertise ad? Our eye-catching ads capture attention from anyone in the vicinity of one of our Drivertisers; whether out walking, jogging, biking, driving or sauntering by in the parking lot.

Places Your MessageWhere People Are Already Looking

Whether people are driving, parking, biking or crossing the street, they notice the vehicles surrounding them. So why not have your ad on those vehicles, where people are looking?

Wraps Speak Volumes& Are Highly Memorable

“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.” It is well known that images convey their meaning in a more effective and memorable way than words. Picture your ad on a fleet of vehicles, receiving countless brand impressions and visually speaking volumes about your brand, product or service throughout the community.

Reaches New Audienceswith Your Brand

Not everyone watches TV, listens to the radio or reads magazines, however, pretty much everyone goes outside at some point. This is why outdoor media, such as Drivertise, can reach across the socioeconomic spectrum to find you - new audiences.

Superior AdsCompared To Stationary Methods

Stationary ads are limited in their audience reach and result in habituation, leading to decreased ad response. Habituation is a thing of the past with Drivertise. Our ads are mobile and are viewed from multiple angles, in various locations on different vehicles throughout the community.

Cannot Be MutedOr Turned Off

The impact of traditional forms of local advertising are declining as the number of people watching streamed TV, reading news online and listening to satellite radio/iPod/Spotify continue to steadily increase. Solution? Drivertise!

Drivertise ads cannot be muted or turned off and they operate 24/7.

Cost EffectiveTo Save You Money

Compared to traditional forms of advertising, vehicle advertising can reach more consumers at a lower Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) than any other form of outdoor advertising.

Gives BackTo Your Community

What if a significant portion of your advertising dollars could go back into the pocket of local drivers in your community, who may even be your customers? Advertising through Drivertise allows you to help individuals from students to delivery drivers or anyone needing a few extra dollars.

Reach Your AudienceOptimize Your Marketing Budget

How it WorksThe Advertisers Roadmap


CreateYour Campaign

We work with you to create a truly unique campaign based on your vision, marketing goals, desired demographics, vehicle specifics, target locations, budget and more.


Selectionof Ideal Drivertisers

Upon reviewing our database of qualified Drivertisers, we match you with those best suited to promote your brand and engage your audience. Your ideal Drivertisers may in fact BE your target audience.


Bring it to Lifewith Graphic Design

This is where you bring your vision and creative ideas to life with our graphic designer or a designer of your choice.


Startthe Wheels in Motion

Once your stand-out design is ready, we take care of the rest! Drivertise manages all logistics, vehicle wrapping (fabrication, application, removal), and monitors your Drivertisers ensuring everything’s ready for your campaign launch!



We then provide detailed quarterly reports that allow you to stay connected to the campaign and quantify your results based on your investment.

BOLD PizzeriaCampaign Sample

The Bold Pizzeria Drivertise Campaign features 6 vehicles from the Solid Sam decal package. The campaign runs in the Kamloops area for 12 months.

TestimonialsWhat Our Clients Are Saying

BernieVasayo Nutritional Solutions

“I have been an advertiser for 1 year now and love the comments that I have received over this period of time. People are seeing my ads and this is a great way to connect with the community.”

DJ Bold Pizzeria

“It has been a really unique experience for us. Our delivery sales alone has doubled, since we started putting these cars out there. Its eye catching, its grabbing and people are noticing what we are doing. So I would say get on it while it is hot.”

KatieComfort Keepers

“I definitely made the right decision to go with Drivertise to boost the visibility of Comfort Keepers in Kamloops. It helped me not only find clients but also attracted caregivers to explore employment with us. The driver and vehicle you matched with us were an excellent choice for my needs and I really appreciated the regular quarterly follow ups from you.”

We've Partnered With Maxogram!

Take it to the next level and bring your vehicle advertisement to life with a Drivertise Carmercial to tell your audience all about your products or services. These Carmercials are produced in association with Mastermind Studios and utilize Maxogram Technology.

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