Advertisers The Art of Match Making

When match making, Drivertise thinks far beyond just where the vehicles are driven and the number of miles they rack up. We find Drivertisers who associate with your target audience to deliver your brand to all the right people.

Sports ShopExample #1

If you are a sports shop, we will connect you with local sports players and athletes. They will be parked in all the right places, be at the events, and will connect your message to all of their associates who just happen to be your target audience.

Kids ProductsExample #2

If you sell toddler or kids products, we will connect you with the right demographic. Moms driving around in mini vans to school, T-Ball practice or to play dates. Place your ad on those mini vans and you will see results.

Hardware StoreExample #3

If you have a hardware store, the time is now to place your ad on those half ton trucks driven by construction workers parking around construction sites. Hello target audience!

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